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Best Paying Bitcoin Sites – Make some BTC/Money!

April 8, 2013

Getting Started:

You can get a Bitcoin wallet at Coinbase

Site’s to get bitcoins:

BitCoin Reaper:  Helps navigate other sites that pay. Also gives small amount once you begin reaping.

BitVisitor (FREE) :  Get paid to view sites for 5 minutes. Pays every hour, No Min

CoinVisitor (FREE) : Same as BitVisitor, but much faster. Must request payout, No Min

CoinTube (Free) : This website pays hourly for you to watch youtube videos. No Min

DailyBitcoins (FREE):  Despite the name you can get BTC hourly. Has higher prizes that add up if you get them. Must request payout, No Min (Free): Has videos and captchas. Captchas are unlimited and pay 1 millionth of a BTC. Doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up.

Bitcoins4Me (FREE) : Hourly payout. Not huge, but can really add up. Pays every 24 to 48 hours

BitHits (FREE) : Pays 3 times a day at any time. Visit once a day for easy BTC.

Coinad (FREE) : Get BTC every hour once you register. Must request payout, No Min. Also has other offers that pay well.

Netlookup (FREE) : Daily BTC Earner. Pays Weekly, No Min

BitCoinAddict (FREE) : Free BTC Daily, Pays once a day, No min

Bunny Run (FREE + Win Jackpot): Daily BTC Earner. You race bunnies and earnings depend on what place you get. Spoiler alert: You almost never get first. Pays Daily.

BitCrate (FREE) :  GIves out BTC, but is almost always out. Their twitter announces when it is refilled.

BitCoiner (FREE) : You can collect once a day, but every hour it gives you a new amount. You decide which amount you want. Must request Payout.

Bitcoin Tree (FREE) :  Daily BTC earner. Must request payout.

CoinURL (Shorten Links & Earn BTC) : Similar to but pays in BTC

BitPasta (Earn Money every click) : Get BTC if people view your content.

BitStart (Free) : Daily BTC earner. Scroll to the bottom and enter address.


Draftday (Free) : I am giving $5 away to anyone who can beat me on this game. Sports betting site. Click the link to challenge me now for free!


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  1. This really works this site pay you more of the btc

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